Implementation of turnkey projects

Implementation of turnkey projects - a set of works on creation and implementation of ideas into practice, based on specific, individual customer. The first stage of this process is the study and creation of the design project: concept selection, preparation of a master plan, visualization, creation of brand book, cost estimation, and drawings.

The next stage - implementation of the project - supply of gaming equipment and amusement rides, the production of animatronics and decorations, equipment installation and commissioning of the facility. These works are carried out in strict accordance with the customer approval tasks, determined on the stage of conceptual development. The finished product is delivered and installed at the agreed time, with a guarantee on all items.

At the stage of implemention, our company performs the functions of project management assistance on the suppliers selection, based on knowledge of the market and having a lot of experience, on quality control of the supplied equipment, on tracking shipments, on solving transport and customs issues, and more. Also after the start of the project in operation we can perform the function of a management company, providing warranty service.