Dinosaur models

Most celebrations devised and carried out on their own, people do not even remember. Banal script taken from the Internet is not able to bring joy to children or even adults, so each of us want something really unusual. Animatronic models of dinosaurs - is an element of pleasant surprise to any celebration, festival or exhibition.

Full-scale dynamic shapes of dinosaurs

For the first time animatronic figures will interact with your guests. Motion sensors that are installed in the models of dinosaurs, revive nearly 3-meter figure only when approaching a person, making them extremely energy efficient. The dinosaur models produced by AET, are designed to meet the parameters of the body structure of these ancient reptiles, will please not only the children on holiday and visitors in shopping centers, but are able to attract the public's attention to any public events. Realistic motion models will encourage the interest of buyers and visitors to the animatronic figures which certainly will bring an unforgettable experience and will be a wonderful opportunity to make a colorful photos in the models.

The behavior of animated figures can be personalized

Animated figures are controlled by a computer, which can easily change any aspect of their work. Not only the frequency and range of motion animatronics, but a full-fledged artistic scenario in our models can be easily changed. This advantage distinguishes our products from similar products on the market.

Today, intrigued multifunctional models of dinosaurs, buy or rent them you can have. Just call and our managers will help you choose the best option for your holiday, shop or party with friends. Also we can produce for you other animatronic models for your ideas or sketches. Terms of production a model start is about 4 months.

When renting a dinosaur model, our company will provide you with all the necessary auxiliary equipment. Firstly, we will provide you with special speakers that will enhance the sense of presence. Second, the design elements, such as artificial grass or rocks to help recreate the atmosphere of a prehistoric jungle. We will deliver the ordered model directly to your truck, and the installation process will take no more than 6 hours!

Dynamic models will be equipped with special information stands, allowing your guests or customers get all the information about the different types of ancient reptiles. Holiday, which includes not only the element of surprise, but also the opportunity to expand their horizons, always like guests more than just a party with clowns and balloons.

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