Decoration on the order

AET / entertainment technology develops and implements the interiors and exteriors of family entertainment centers, amusement parks and water parks, theme restaurants and cafes, shopping and entertainment complexes, including on your sketches. We can offer you implement a project for us already developed concepts and adapted to your existing space, as well as create a personalized, unique design specifically for your facility. With ready-made concepts from AET / entertainment technology can be found here.

As our company offers a wide range of design and production of animatronic and static scenery of any level of complexity. To your attention a large selection of models animatronic dinosaurs of all sizes, decorations on the theme of the sea, architectural elements, artificial greenery for deliveries under the order. Our individual approach and attention to detail, even the most incredible ideas come to life.

Catalog of models of dinosaurs here.

Catalogue of scenery on the marine theme here.

Catalog of architectural elements here.

Catalog artificial greenery here.

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