Traveling animatronic exhibition "DinoZOO" - is an exciting exhibition show, attraction, telling about prehistoric world and covering the three main periods of the great Age of Reptiles - The Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. Theme Dinosaur is one of the most commercially viable in the entertainment industry. The inhabitants of the prehistoric world invariably are very popular with audiences of all ages.

  • Audience: family, children and adolescents.
  • Lease Term: from one month
  • Transportation: truck (80 м3), by hand or forklift trucks.
  • Installation: "turnkey" installation time - 6:00.
  • Service: necessary measures to protect against vandalism, special maintenance is not required, a simple on-off of the whole complex.
  • Fitting Position: indoors and outdoors.
The main components of the traveling exhibition:
  • Animatronic models of the most well-known types of dinosaurs in full size.
  • Artificial rocks and foliage covering the structural part of the model provides the most coherent picture of perception.
  • Speakers and amplifying equipment, reproducing the individual sounds of prehistoric animals.
  • Information plates near each exhibit depicting brief information about dinosaur.
  • Promotional package for the production of marketing materials, texts excursions.
Technical requirements:
  • Electricity - 220V / 60Hz
  • Size of the room - 50 sq.m.
  • Height of ceilings - 3.6 m
  • Opening for the introduction models - 2,5 x 0,9 m.

We offer you to put our exhibition in the museum, a shopping center, in the hotel lobby and at any other exhibition venues. You'll get an incredible influx of visitors. You may charge a fee for viewing the exhibits, for sharing photos, souvenirs. Or use animatronic dinosaurs as a free exposure to increase the attractiveness of your object.

Photo Gallery:

We offer three versions of configuration of the exhibition, which you can read more by downloading our catalog.

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