History of Ancient Egypt - a mysterious and extremely interesting world, which has for many years has attracted the interest of many people who want to comprehend and unravel its mysteries. The exhibition "The Great Egyptian mummy" - presents visitors volumetric models of monuments of cultural and historical heritage of ancient Egypt.

The exhibition "The Great Mummy of Egypt" reveals the secrets of the mysterious Sphinx and the magnificent tombs of the pharaohs Akhenaten and Tutankhamun, and tells a beautiful legend about the beauty of Nefertiti and Egyptian representations of the mythical afterlife, the sacrament of mummification. With AET / Entertainment Technologies secrets reveal, a fairy tale becomes a true story.

The main components of the traveling exhibition:
  • 20 museum exhibit.
  • Walling.
  • Signs and posters with information.
  • Pedestals for exhibits.
  • Advertising layouts.
Technical requirements:
  • Space - 50 sq.m.
  • Ceiling height - 3 m
  • Opening for the introduction models - 2,2*1,5 m
Photo Gallery:

We offer you to put our show as the anchor object to attract visitors to shopping entertainment and other areas. Just spend a thematic event cognitive or entertaining character with decorations on ancient Egypt.

You can find the specifications of the exhibition, by downloading our catalog.

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