The exhibition “World of insects”

Dear friends,

The exciting world of insects has always stunned and attracted the humanity. The beauty of butterflies, amazing abilities of ants, horrendous look of spiders and other traits of insects arouse interest.

Guess, there is no person in the whole world, who wasn’t looking at the caterpillar or centipede through the magnifying glass. And what about breathtaking movies, in which heroes went as tiny as speck of dust and surfed riding a dragonfly?

We offer you the opportunity to feel yourself a small man in the microworld of insects, and examine those wonderful creatures in all their glory.

The exhibition “World of insects” - has 6 animatronic models of enlarged insects.


The exhibition could be used for educational, amusement or marketing purposes. The rent for 1 to 3 months, with prepayment conditions. Delivery to any country.

When order - tell the code "Dragonfly", and get 10% discount!