Great mummies of Egypt in Volzhsky

The inhabitants of the city of Volzhsky, Russia, had the opportunity to visit our traveling exhibition "The Great Egyptian mummy", where they were given every 23 museum exhibits. The exhibition was a great success, it is nice to know that kids, students, teenagers and even adults was interesting and informative exhibition, it remains a pleasant feeling that we have benefited in expanding the horizons of people. After all, not everyone has the desire and the ability to fly thousands of kilometers to Egypt or the world-famous museums.

The exhibition presents three-dimensional model of cultural - historical heritage of ancient Egypt. Very visitors, parents and teachers especially liked the audio accompaniment, which he presented an explanation and the most important historical facts related to the exhibit. In the opinion of the visitors, it was clear that people do not attach importance to that exhibits a reproduction of the original, so they are realistic and interesting presents that this fact goes to the most recent plan.

Kids especially liked the same tactile-playing elements and short 5D entertaining and educational film "The Scorpion King" led them absolutely love how delicious dessert. View photos.